Be Encouraged

My husband and I went to church today, just like every Sunday. I was asked to sing and I like to do my part when they need me. I love to sing, but most of the other cantors have far better voices than me. I still love to sing.

The congregation was not what it usually is. Father had an awesome message, just like usual and I found myself wishing that I had thought to bring in a notepad and a pen. I sincerely wish that my memory was such that I could remember some of the most important words so that I could quote him.

He also had a message regarding the Corona virus. We are to stay in our homes during these difficult times. We can look at the positives. We can use this time to sit in silence and hear God’s message. We can make the best of it by enjoying silence that we rarely experience any more in this busy world we live in. We can spend more time with our families.

Then I arrived home and took a peak at Facebook. A women from Taiwan posted an encouraging message regarding our shut downs. She said they went through a 30 day shut down in late January and through February. “No schools and it was a ghost town.” Didn’t leave their homes. She acknowledged the fear, the worry and the anxiousness that we are all feeling. Told us that these are normal natural human responses and encouraged us not to stay stuck there. “Trust God and trust the process.” 30 day shut downs work! Quarantine and hygiene works! She encourages us to remember that God never sleeps (Psalm 121) so we can. We need to look at this shut down as a “staycation.” Hang with your kids, binge watch movies, make your favorite recipes and enjoy silence. Don’t forget to pray for those that still have to go out and serve.

What a blessing of encouragement! Thank you Juanita Brown Ingram!