Believing in the power of prayer

Let us believe in the power of prayer. It can be so powerful, and yet God has a plan. He is able to grant some of our needs and wishes and others He is not. Often we suffer a loss that we cannot understand and only years later can see possibilities as to why it was a part of His plan.

As some of you out there in the internet world know, I have been suffering the loss of my sister for several months. I am her Personal Representative so waiting for probate so that I can close on her home and finish my job has been an exercise in patience; along with continuing to grieve along the way. My adult children have watched me stress over it all, and two weeks ago decided that enough was enough and began to daily pray for the lawyers (my sister had property in 2 states), to get it together and move towards getting my sister’s home sold since we received another offer on it. It feels like a miracle to watch the emails flying back and forth as I continue to sign legal documents. In the last two weeks (thanks to prayers), it has all moved forward much faster than the past 11 months. The power of prayer.

Our nation has a need. We have become a divided nation. Democrats and Republicans unable to agree on policy that is needed for the survival of our nation. In just about every other issue on this earth, when two parties cannot agree, a mediator is appointed. A mediator would work with the two sides to help them hear each other; help them to meet in the middle somewhere so that problems can be solved and bills can be passed to better our nation and its people.

Let us pray for our nation. We could pray for some type of mediation, or we could pray that another political party will step up, find a candidate that can lead our nation, and guide both Democrats and Republicans in a way that helps them to work together instead of working against each other.

Pray for our nation. And in the future, vote for men and women who listen to each other, and who work for the betterment of our nation, rather than spending all their time working for their own personal purposes, or to promote their own hatred towards others.