For those who are hurting and afraid

Some time ago I downloaded a “Holy Bible” app. I went with online version NIV. It gives you a verse of the day which is normally all I seem to have time for. Yesterday however, I stumbled upon a speaker, a Mike Holley on He was great to listen too, and this just might be my church away from church during these difficult times. A few words about what I captured from his talk:

During difficult times we will feel better if we help those who are hurting and afraid. Speak faith to those who are paralyzed by fear. Share bible verses that help. Move to practicing our faith daily, not just weekly, but daily. We can gather on line and pray together on line. If you receive an awesome message, share it! Daily seek the goodness of God. Give generously to those who need – including spiritual & support needs. He says, “If we the church, are so busy putting our faith in action, we will have no room or time for fear!” Another quote, “We shine the light, we do not hide it!” And Lord, “Not our will, but your will be done!” Because of Christ we are not afraid. Check out this church on line: While Mike was speaking there was a chat window on the right and those online were sharing thoughts and learning about each other. It felt all inclusive. Check it out!

In case there is confusion: Church is not just a physical building – it is a gathering of people and why not gather on line?