Home Maintenance and Inspiration

Yesterday we painted the walls in our bedroom.  I needed a new look.  I realized some time ago that I have always chosen neutral colors when painting in our home (my husband is the construction guy, and I am the painter).  Neutral colors because that is what “they” advise.  “They” being those who write about home improvement issues.

At this stage in my life I feel like I NEED my home to reflect who I am…and I want to feel comfort and joy in my color choices.  It wasn’t easy choosing colors.  Luckily things like the color of the carpet kept me from getting too wild with my choices.  Now looking at the finished results, I have to say that I am quite pleased.  Three of the walls are “Spiced Ginger” – a Dutch Boy brand color (if you want to look that up),  and the fourth wall is “Lava Flow.”  So, imagine the color of lava flow.  Yes, I know!  It is pretty bright….but guess what?  I love it!  And it compliments the work of art that I purchased for that wall some time ago.

So, given inspiration, I have chosen colors that we both like.  I did pray on the way to Menards, our local home and building store, because I knew the colors I was looking at were out there a ways and I knew they would not compliment our blue grey carpet in that room, which the hubby says is not old enough to replace.  I even found a bedspread and matching shams at Shopko, on sale!  I took my little paint color strips in with me to make sure.  That bedspread has my paint colors in it, PLUS the colors in the carpet and curtains….so Walla!  It is a miracle (or prayers answered), however you want to look at it.  The picture I shared includes all colors – cool huh?  Still some work to do of course – the work is never done.

Oh, and the living room is next.  That will happen this fall.  I get to throw out the couch that has been shedding little black flecks of vinyl all over the place….UGGHHH!  Yes this has tried my patience.  Needing inspiration to be patient!

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Married with three adult children and four grandchildren. Love to read and reflect on life. Want to make a difference with my writing. At work, I am a career counselor, plus I help our students find employment once they gain a skill. Goals: To grow spiritually, exercise regularly, eat healthy, plan retirement and plan travel (not necessarily in that order!

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