Thoughts on leading a passionate life

IMG_2925I attended a conference in Arizona recently for work.  The key note speaker was Greg Levoy.  I thought I would share some of what he spoke about that day.  Exact quotes will have quote marks around them.

“Passion breeds passion and disinterest breeds disinterest.  If we lack passion in our own lives, our other relationships will be denied that energy – our partnerships, friendships, communities, classrooms and corporations.”

Isn’t that heavy? Or should I use the word, deep.  Read that again.

He says we all struggle.  We all have a desire for passion, but need a sense of control – a sense of security.  He says we deal with the tug of war between passion and security all the time.  They fight each other! Security tends to win.

How to stay passionate about your life, you ask?  Greg’s advice is, “Get up in the morning – go out and stay active!  That is how you stay passionate about your life!”

Other quotes from Greg Levoy that will give you cause to think.

“Passion comes & goes”

“Life is capable of knocking the stuffing out of people!”

“A sense of adventure is important!”

Check out his most recent book which has  become quite popular.  Vital Signs:  Discovering & Sustaining Your Passion for Life, By Greg Levoy

Source:  Keynote speaker, Greg Levoy at the NCDA conference in Phoenix, AZ – June, 2018

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Married with three adult children and four grandchildren. Love to read and reflect on life. Want to make a difference with my writing. At work, I am a career counselor, plus I help our students find employment once they gain a skill. Goals: To grow spiritually, exercise regularly, eat healthy, plan retirement and plan travel (not necessarily in that order!

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